Panasonic - 15k BTU Cooling & Heating - Exterios XE ECONAVI Air Conditioning System - 22.1 SEER CS-XE15SKUA CU-XE15SKUA


Brand: Panasonic

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Product Details
Panasonic XE15SKUA 15,000 BTU Ductless Mini Split, Single Zone, 230/208 Volt, SEER of 22.1, Energy Star, ExteriosXE Econavi Technology (Provides Automatic Temperature Control for Room Conditions), System Includes CS-XE15SKUA Indoor Unit with Remote, CU-XE15SKUA Outdoor Inverter Heat Pump Condenser

Panasonic ductless mini-splits and ventilation fans can be combined together as a working system that allows you to efficiently and cost-effectively heat or cool your entire home, while exhausting damaging pollutants and moist air from the home. The Panasonic Total Home Comfort Solution provides whole house comfort year round, improved energy efficiency, and a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable home. With the Panasonic Total HVAC Solution, however, you can efficiently — and cost-effectively — heat or cool your entire home.

How does the Total Home Comfort Solution benefits Panasonic customers?

  • Best-in-class heating, cooling and ventilation... all in one simple package
  • Easy, one-stop shopping
  • Simple, space-saving installation
  • Energy efficient solution saves the homeowner money on their energy bills.


  • Maintains a comfortable temperature all year long.
  • Improves indoor air quality (IAQ) by reducing moisture and airbone pollutants.
  • Provides balanced airflow for fresh air throughout the entire house.
  • Helps assure compliance with ASHRAE 62.2, LEED and Energy Star 3.0. Whole house comfort from season to season. Energy efficiency and healthy indoor air. The Total Home Comfort Solution...
    Only from Panasonic

    This unit must be installed by a qualified licensed HVAC technician otherwise warranty is void. Manufacturer will only cover parts that are under warranty. The Installer is responsible for labor warranty.


  • Series: Exterios XE: Premium
  • Type: Wall Mounted
  • Rated Capacity: 15,000 to 24,000 Rated BTU/h
  • SEER: 22.1 SEER
  • Unit: XE15SKUA
  • Indoor Unit: XE15SKUA
  • Outdoor Unit: XE12SKUA
  • Capacity Cooling (BTU/H): 15,000 (3,300 - 19,000)
  • Capacity Heating (BTU/H): 18,000 (3,300 - 24,000) (16,500 at 17¢ªF)
  • Moisture Removal - High (pints/H): 2.70
  • Dry Air Flow - High (CFM): 550
  • SEER - Cooling: 22.1
  • EER - Cooling: 12.5
  • HSPF - Heating: 12.0
  • Power Supply (V, Phase, Hz): 208 / 230V, Single phase, 60Hz
  • Running Amps - Cooling (A): 5.7/6.3
  • Running Amps - Heating (A): 5.9/6.7
  • Power Input - Cooling (W): 1.20k (250-1.90k)
  • Power Input - Heating (W): 1.30k (200-2.65k)
  • Fuse or Circuit Breaker Capacity (A): 25 AMPS
  • Controls; Microprocessor
  • Low Ambient Control; Equipped
  • Wireless Remote Controller: Included
  • Wired Remote Controller (optional): CZ-RD516C-1
  • Fan Speeds: 5 Speeds + Auto
  • Timer: 24 hr Program
  • Air Deflection - Horizontal
  • Washable + Anti Microbial Filter
  • Refrigerant: R-410A
  • Refrigerant Control: Electric Expansion Valve
  • Operation Sound - In (Hi/Me/Lo) (dB-A): 47 / 37 / 34
  • Operation Sound - Outdoor (Hi) (dB-A): 55
  • Refrigerant Piping -Type: Flare
  • Refrigerant Pipe Length (ft): Max. Line Length- 65.6
  • Elevation Difference - Outdoor Above (ft): Max . 49.2
  • Elevation Difference - Outdoor Below (ft): Max . 49.2
  • Weight: Indoor Unit: 106 Lbs. Outdoor Unit: 24 Lbs.
  • Dimensions Indoor: 11 5/8" x 34 9/32" x 10 1/16"
  • Dimensions Outdoor: 27 3/8" x 34 15/32" x 12 5/8"