3 Ton ComfortAire Two Stage Geothermal Water Sourced Heat Pump HTD036C1C01JRN - Right Return - Downflow

Item#: HTD036C1C01JRN

Brand: Comfort-Aire

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Product Details

Capacity Modulation Full/Part
Ground Water Heat Pump - COP 4.7/5.1
Ground Water Heat Pump - Cooling BtuH 59°F EWT 41,200/30,200
Ground Water Heat Pump - EER 23.0/31.5
Ground Water Heat Pump - Heating BtuH 50°F EWT 36,700/24,800
Hot Water Generator Option Y
Volts 208/230-1-60
Water Loop Heat Pump COP 5.3/6.3
Water Loop Heat Pump Cooling BtuH 86°F EWT 36,200/26,200
Water Loop Heat Pump EER 15.6/18.5
Water Loop Heat Pump Heating BtuH 68°F EWT 44,800/30,800
Shipping Weight 337.00
Shipping Width 31.00
Shipping Length 35.75
Shipping Height 55.25
Comfort-Aire's HT Series Commercial Water Source Heat Pumps: 

These two stage models are among the most efficient heating and cooling systems available today, with EERs as high as 29.1 and COPS as high as 4.8.

Two stage models are available in the following configurations:
HTD -Vertical downflow/counterflow design
HTH - Horizontal design

The two-stage design allows the unit to run at 67% capacity most the time to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level. When there's a demand for greater heating/cooling (such as during temperature extremes), the unit automatically and instantly changes to 100% capacity. This part load/full load capacity significantly lowers annual operating costs while increasing comfort.
  • In addition to the full load/part load operation, a variable speed blower motor adds to comfort and efficiency with a Multitude of operational modes. The blower motor automatically adapts to all applications
  • The two stage heat pump system uses environmentally friendly R-410A.
  • A hot water generator with built-in pump and CuNi coil are standard features that add value and efficiency.
  • The HT Series is available in 2 to 6 ton capacities.
  • Quiet Operation-Double isolation compressor mounting system and vibration isolation springs; insulated divider and separate compressor and air handler compartments
  • Extended Operating Range-20° to 120° F makes unit suitable for virtually all applications and climates
  • Two Stage Compressor-Copeland Multi-stage scroll compressor provides comfort at higher efficiencies than single stage models
  • Microprocessor Controls-Includes performance monitoring system to signal a potential problem before a lockout occurs
  • Durable Cabinet-G90 galvanized steel has a tough epoxy finish; drain pan is stainless steel; air coils are coated
  • Easy Installation & Service-Service valves are included; three panels are easily removed, making it simple to access components