RHEEM Central Split System unit RHLLHM3617JA

Item#: RHLLHM3617JA

Brand: Rheem

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Product Details

 RHLA/RHLL feature GE’s new X-13 motor which provides
enhanced SEER performance with most Rheem outdoor
/2 ton [5.3 kW] through 5 ton [17.6 kW] models are
between 421
/2 to 551
/2 inches [1080 to 1410 mm] tall and
22 inches [559 mm] deep.
 Versatile 4-way convertible design for upflow, downflow,
horizontal left and horizontal right applications.
 Factory-installed high efficiency indoor coil.
 All models meet or exceed 330 to 400 CFM [156 to 189 L/s]
per ton at .3 inches [.7 kPa] of external static pressure.
 Enhanced airflow up to .7" external static pressure.
 Sturdy construction with 1.0 inch [.24 kPa] of reinforced foil
faced jacket insulation for excellent thermal and sound
 Field-installed auxiliary electric heater kits provide exact
heat for indoor comfort. Kits include circuit breakers which
meet UL and cUL requirements for service disconnect.