Multizone YMGI Wall Mount Indoor unit WMMS-18EW-V2

Item#: wmms-18ew-(59)

Brand: YMGI

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Product Details


59)2 DC Inverter Multiple Zone-Indoor Units-Wall Mount EW, 18K Btu/h, 208-230/1/60

Items Unit / Conditions WMMS-18EW -V2B(59)2
Power Supply Voltage/Ph/Hz 208-230/1/60
Allowed Voltage Range 187-253V
Cooling Capacity (Btu/h) High/Standard/Low 21500/17000/6800
Heating Capacity (Btu/h) Max./Min. 22500/9500
ID 70/60, OD 47/43F 18700
ID 70/60, OD 17/15F 16600
ID 70/60, OD 17/5F 13800
SEER Btu/h.W 18-16
HSPF Btu/h.W 10.2-8.2
Duhumidifying Capacity Pints/Hr. 3.8
Air Flow (CFM) High/Medium/Low 460/380/320
Air-throw (Ft.) Horizontal Installation 35-30 Upon Mounting Height/Speed/Temp.
External Static Pressure Water In. 0
Sound Level Pressure dB(A) (H/M/L) 45/42/40
Power dB(A) (H/M/L) 55/52/50
Fan Motor Model FN20W-PG
Shaft Single
Speed (RMP, H/M/L) 1200/1050/900
Output (W) 20
RLA (AMP) 0.25
Capacitor (uF) 1.5
Fan Wheel Type-Piece Cross Flow-1
Diameter x Width (In.) φ3.9 x 28
Swing/Step Motor Model MP28VB
Piece 2
Output (W) 2
Input Power of Ele. Heater Type-W NA
Electrical Protection Fuse PCB / Transformer T3.15A 250V / 0.2A
Evaporator Coil Type Alu. Fin/Inner Grooved Copper Tube
Color Blue
Copper Line Connections Sealed by Dry Nitrogen Yes
Flare/Nut-Liuqid + Gas 1/4″ + 1/2″
Drain Hose Connection OD (In.) 0.67
Condensate Pump Installed-Lift (In.) NA
Filter Type-Feature Standard-Washable
Qty. 2
Clean Coil Surface Anti-Mildew Function Yes
Pre-heating Function Anti-Cold Blowing Yes
Memory of Previous Set-ups Power is Lost/Resumed Yes
Auto-Restart Function If Power is Resumed Yes
Unit Dimensions Net WxHxD (In.) 37 x 11.7 x 7.9
Package WxHxD (In.) 39.8 x 15.0 x 11.2
Unit Weight Net (LBs) 28.6
Packaged (LBs) 37.4
Loading Capacity 20’/40’/40’HQ 207/431/488